Saturday, December 20, 2008

a little misunderstanding

So, it was last Friday afternoon, when I noticed one of my so sweet fourth graders, or so I thought, had a note she was writing on instead of doing her work! Being the on the ball teacher that I am, I immediately collected the note and went on teaching.

It was later that night that I reached into the depths of my pocket and pulled out this note a.k.a. distraction of learning. When I looked at its words it said the most appalling things on it. Students name = fat. Another student's name = fat! I was so shocked that I set the note down and thought..."Well that little meanie!" I am so glad that I took that note from her!

All weekend I toiled over the fact that this little girl had turned into a cold hearted bully. It pained me so.

That is, until school Monday morning. This little fourth grader came up to me and said, "Mrs. Erickson?" I answered yes and tried to squint at her so that she had known I was still going to talk to her about the note. "May I have that note back that you took from me on Friday?" In my head I was thinking, "Yeah right! What are you smoking?" Until she continued with her plea.

She informed me that she needed the note because it told her what kind of penguin to draw everyone for our winter party. She had gone around and asked each child what kind they wanted. Skinny or fat.

Oh humbling. :)