Monday, September 28, 2009

eat that shots

Henry said "eat that shots" today by coming home and rolling over for the first time. 4 months on the dot.
Turn down your volume so you don't have to hear me. :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

3 Reasons Why Today Was a Great Day

Today was a splendid day in the life of the Ericksons! We had a delightful lunch at our friends' house- The McGowans. Henry enjoyed his nap there while we had some excellent adult conversation. On our way home, Henry refell asleep, so we hit up Sonic's Happy Hour. Pete and I each partook in a slush, I- blue coconut and he-grape. Thirdly, we came home and took advantage of this 5 dollar pool I got at Target. Yep, still swimming in Texas. It is hot. And here we are...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

17 weeks and a little shy of 4 months

Big man on campus at 17 weeks! Henry is smiling a lot lately and giggling. His giggling sounds kind of like a grunt right now, but it sure is cute. He is getting better at keeping those fingers in his mouth. He used to get frustrated by them not stayin' in.
So for a while now, Henry has been sleeping from the 10 o'clock feeding til 7. Lately, he has seemed to have lost a little interest in that feeding, so Pete and I thought we should try just not waking him for it and see what happens. For two nights between 10:30 and 11 just as we were about to turn in -- roof raising diapers made us keep with the normal schedule. They seriously sounded like something falling off the wall-sorry if that is too gross for you, but it is reality. So, last night, we finally braved it. I think I was up every hour wondering if Henry was too, but that little guy slept from 7:30-7. Go Henry!

and then there is buddy...every time I put Henry down for a nap, I have to scoot Buddy out because he loves loves loves Henry's window. (birds congregate outside of it) Buddy has been known to hide in Henry's room until I shut the door, but the turkey gets caught red handed when I can hear him meowing in the monitor. You gotta watch out for this one.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

16 weeks

Hi everyone. Henry is 16 weeks today! When we are home, we have a little shadow named Moose. Buddy, our other cat, usually sleeps the day away, but Moose makes sure we don't cause too much trouble.

Henry is 16 weeks already! What a guy! Newest milestones is that:
*He is really grabbing stuff, especially his own hands and anything in reaching distance. He likes to grab onto his playgym toys.
*He laughed for the first time last Sunday. It startled Pete and I at first, but it sure was cute. He also was laughing a bit this morning. Of course, by the time we run get the video camera he is finished.
*I think he loves being around people, especially after being in MN with all the people there. I am going to start tutoring a fourth grader next week, and the family came this week to meet me. The dad arrived first, and Henry was convinced that he was here to see him. He was smiling at him, cooing and so on. :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

15 weeks, 3 1/2 months

For a 3.5 month old, Henry had a BIG week! He took his first plane ride to Minnesota. He did so well! He slept on the plane ride there and back and adapted to both the Erickson and Johnson family pack and plays like a chameleon. :) Henry was able to see family and feel the love. We have so many pictures that it would take me til he was 4 years old to post them, so I will just post a few.
Henry got to meet his fun boy cousins, Isaiah and Seth. Isaiah took Henry under his wing as the big cousin teaching him how to pray and the Bob the Builder Theme song. At one point, out of the blue, Isaiah looked at Henry and said, "Aren't you a little mandarin orange." too funny.

After hangin' with the boys on the Erickson side, Henry was welcomed to girl-land with his cousins on the Johnson side. Jessica, Alaina, and Morgan welcomed him with a "dress up" initiation.

Before we headed to the airport, we made a quick stop at the Calvin's house. Paul and Pete were baby friends, so it is pretty cool that our sons are only one month apart. Here are Jack and Henry, "playing together."

We feel so lucky to have such nice families and friends that love Henry so much. Wish we could've stayed longer.
Here is Henry today at 15 weeks! I think he is wondering where all the people are?! :)

Couple 15 week milestones...
*grabbing toys is new (as shown)
*I am pretty sure that he is teething. Pete had two teeth at 4 months. He is wanting to chew things instead of suck. Poor guy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

14 weeks = 3 months and 1 week

It is hard to know how to start these weekly entries with something other than, wow, i can't believe he is such and such age already! But, it is true!! I seriously cannot believe how time flies. Just the other day he was wearing 0-3 month clothing (before he skipped to 6-12 month). Just the other day Henry was sleeping on our chests, now he prefers the crib. Just the other day, I could hardly keep him awake and now he is alert and ready to tell the world his stories.

Some cool things have happened this week:

*As you can see above, he is really really wanting those suckers in his mouth.
*Henry giggled at Pete for the first time two nights ago. It hasn't yet been repeated, but it was cute.
*It is safe to say that those middle of the night feedings are a thing of the past. Henry sleeps from 10-about 7.
*Henry has taken his cooing to different pitches. Auntie Jen got to stop by for a quick visit yesterday while she was in town visiting her parents. She and I were sitting around him talking. If Jen wasn't talking directly to Henry, he would coo and try to get her attention.
*We went to JC Penny this week for his 3 month pictures. He was very stoic until the session was over and then was all smiles, of course.
*Yesterday, I saw him grab onto a toy and hold it for a few minutes in his play gym.
*We have put away the swaddle blanket cause he kicks out of it like a little monkey. He now naps in a onesie and sweat pants and sleeps in pjs.