Monday, December 21, 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like...spring?

Today is a mere few days before Christmas. I was just getting into the spirit by drinking peppermint mochas, singing carols, making cookies and then bam- Texas weather sends us for a loop. Almost 70 today..crazy! Needless to say, Henry and I went out and enjoyed it, but I have to admit, I can't wait to see snow!!

Christmas Festivities!

The last three years Pete and I were a part of a small group at our awesome church. It was time for that group to move on and we just joined a new one---and LOVE it! Last night we had a Christmas Party at our leaders, Mark and Anne's, house. Good times! My only regret of the night is that I must have forgotten to get a picture of the Harmons-bummer! I hate it when that happens. If you know the Harmons, mentally picture them as you go through this blog, that will make me feel better.
Addison and Henry getting aquainted. Addie was born at the beginning of April and Henry the end of May. I can tell Henry thinks she's cute!
the dads talkin' and the kids smilin'
the lovely Krewsons-they're nice. You can call them Tammy and Harold. (Katie and Harry in real life.)
the super steiners, notice the snuggie that alyson has in arms-it was later stolen from her.
Jordan and Lisa, who we have recently met and think are just the sweetest couple you could meet.
Henry and his buddy, Harry
La Familia

surrounding some good appetizers!
our fearless leaders
Addie liked Pete's whiskers
I won everyone's dream Christmas gift-Teen Wolf 1 and 2. Don't be jealous.
Pete won some yogurt gift cards! Yum-glad I married him!
This is what we came home to. I had bought this bed that day-I think they like it. I maybe should have bought two.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Henry just gets more and more fun...and older! My goodness. :)Newest things are sitting up. In fact, last Saturday, we went to go get his six month pictures taken at JCPenny and they asked if he was sitting up and we said kinda more like a tripod than a sit. Well, this Saturday, he is definitely sitting up well on his own. That's how quickly he is changing! He is moving toys from hand to hand now. Our friends, The Stampers, let us borrow their Jumparoo that their little boy has outgrown. Henry's favorite thing is jumping, so he is very appreciative. The toy he has in his hand is also a fav.
Probably the thing that is the coolest lately, is something I didn't know was happening at first. Lately, Henry will grab my face and mash his mouth against it. I thought it was a teething thing, but I read that at five months, babies may start the open mouth kissing. It is the cutest thing ever and melts our hearts! In fact, one day Henry woke up really early from a nap, but when he grabbed my face and gave me a big ole kiss, the short nap was forgotten. :) It is hard to get a good weekly shot lately because he is very aware now, so I can't put it behind his head. He also loves to grab everything, so it has to be a very quick shot.
A big belly comes in handy for the sitting. :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Frosty 5K

What a chilly fun morning with friends in Frisco! We ran a 5K with our friends, The Krewsons, Aaron Alexander and the Stampers. Good Times.
the lovely Krewsons

the boys warming up

my running buddy, katie and I. A little over a year ago, we ran a 5k together and got 1st and 2nd place in our age range (there must not have been many there). Today, one pregnancy, hip injury, and a bunch of christmas cookies later, we are feeling like we might just be running for a good ole time today.

the fam.

our friends, the stampers. they went to bethel too and now live in Texas.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


weight: 22.1 (98%)
length: 27.5 (81%)SOME THINGS HE IS UP TO:
*rolling from front to back, both ways
*sits up for a few seconds without barriers.
*eating cereal, avocado (his fav.), sweet potatoes and peas
*laughing and smiling
*loves his toes
*sleeping on side now
*3 weeks in on the helmet, going well
*noticing the kitties
*grabby, loves to grab everything
*favorite thing these days is jumping
*loves the johnny jump up, swing, play gym, and exersaucer
*squeals a lot