Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Climb Every Mountain

Well, in the last week, Henry has gone from rolling to crawling to climbing. The boy is busy! :) The last two days, I have cracked up because he pretends to be tired (at naptime) I put him down and he rubs his eyes, sucks his pacifier and hints to me that he is about to snooze. By the time I turn on the monitor, he is trying to climb the crib. :) He has made it to his knees thus far, but it is quite funny. He doesn't know that he is on film. Yesterday, second nap, he was trying to stand, realizing he could sit and played with his socks for awhile, swinging the monitor cord like a lasso and crashed the books on the bedside table to the floor. What a turkey! It is fun to see these new phases.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

9 months and counting

What a busy couple weeks it has been. Not this past Monday but the MOnday before, we ended up in the E.R. with Henry in the night. Long story short, he woke up wheezing and having a rough time breathing. He had been sick over the weekend, but he sounded horrible. We played it safe and took him in and he had Croup. Not fun.
Since then, he has really been working on crawling. He can go a couple steps then he gets back down into army position.
The toy to the right is his current favorite.
About a week ago, Henry suddenly was saying a few consonants. Baa baa is super cute and he occasionally does a pa pa or ma ma sound.

Crawling is hard work!
Busy scooting around. He's pretty good at going backwards.He is too cool for the exersaucer these days. Why be confined when you can do this, right?
We had his 9 month well check two days ago, and here are his stats:
Weight: 24.3 (90%)
Length: 29 in. (70%)
H. Circum. 18 (95%) proof that he is a Johnson with that big ole head. :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a visit from the calvins

Already a couple weekends ago now (wow) our friends, The Calvins came from MN to TX for a visit. They came when Berit was about 6 months old and this time they came with Berit (3) and Jack (10 months).
Destined to be friends- Henry and Jack. Pete and Paul's dads are friends. Pete and Paul were childhood friends, and now we've got these two little ones together!

Rub dub dub. 3 kids in a Tub.

From swimsuit to tutu-there was never a dull moment with Berit's wardrobe selections

Happy 30th Paul!

It was the last night and 3/4ths of us were in our jammies, but we needed to capture our time together anyhow.

Good times, good friends. Thanks for visiting us, Paul and Anne!