Friday, April 23, 2010

in the tenth month...

I can't believe that next week Henry will be 11 months! A few exciting things have happened in the last couple of days which I must write down. I am not so good at writing in baby books, so this blog is serving that purpose. If it is mundane for you, well, that is just too bad. :)
Henry has had a tough week with teething. Those silly things are taking awhile to pop through, thus the last two days Henry has decided to not take a morning nap. For example, right now as I look at him through the video monitor he is playing percussion with his two pacifiers. Yet, the lack of sleep, however, has been overshadowed by a few exciting things!!

Yesterday, I got out these "puff" things that Henry likes and he signed please! I was so excited that I would only give him one or two just to make him keep signing. Often you do these things- like trying to teach sign language- and it seems so redundant and silly, but then out of the blue when they do it-it is sooo exciting!!

Then, when I was aware that Henry was just not gonna nap (- which by the way-the percussion has stopped and he is asleep-thank you Lord!) we went to Target. At the check out, he is usually a ham talking and squealing with the clerk. The lady said bye, and Henry with full arm force waved to her. I was so excited I think I may have startled the Target lady.
Last night we were reading one of his favorites The Big Red Barn and at the cat part Henry interrupted with his cat sound (mouth wide open ah ah..) I wasn't sure if this was indeed his interpretation, so when I was changing his diaper I said what does the kitty say. And indeed, he responded with, "ahh ahh."

So, yes this week has been a little tiring in the sleep department but it is exciting to see some of the things he is learning. I wouldn't want to sleep either!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

some friends

A lot of our family hears names, for example, Henry's friends. Hopefully, with some pictures I have received from some of the moms, you can put a couple faces with some them.
This is Henry's friend, Keely. Will and Christy have been good friends of ours from church. Once a month they watch Henry so Pete and I can date, and once a month we watch Keely. This was two Saturdays ago when Henry was at Keely's house.

Henry playing cars at Grady's house with sweet Addie. Grady belongs to Jen and Aubrey. When we moved here we were the young guns in the church without kids. Now they have two-Grady and Jett! Addie belongs to the Harmons-a very fun couple (michelle harmon always has me cracking up.)Addie did not hesitate to play cars with the boys. so cute.

We are so blessed to have some incredible friends in Texas. Thanks for sharing these pictures with me so I can share them with our family!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

fun with grandma and grandpa

Playing cars with grandpa

while they were here, he started pulling himself up to standing and cruising along stuff. when my parents were here, he had just started crawling! that just shows you how much change happens so fast!

got our nails painted!

At the Taco Diner for Pete's birthday. And Henry haming it up for our waitress

Thanks for visiting us! :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pete turns 30!

Pete is the first one in our little family to turn 30! Does this mean we are officially adults? It is funny cause I still think of us as early 20 somethings, young at heart, i guess (besides being in my pjs by 8 on a Friday night :) Pete-thanks for being such a wonderful husband, friend, and dad!

Friday, April 2, 2010

visits from one sister and two nieces

Living far from family, it is awesome to have visitors! Janelle, my sister, came this week with her daughter, Jessica! It just so happened that my brother's daughter, Alaina, was here at the same time visiting her grandparents!
Jessica and Henry

Alaina, Jessica and Henry

A night out, swimming! Henry's first time-he loved it!

a little gaming

Auntie Janelle and Henry

a little reading

our friends, the steiners

Our close friends, Justin and Alyson are having twins!!! We couldn't be more excited for them. To hear their journey-you will be inspired-click here: