Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Good Word From Dove

Pete went to the store this morning for a couple essentials: tape, toothbrush and chocolate (i had a coupon-so this purchase is legit.)
So, we were frantically packing up-getting ready-cleaning-and all sorts of things to get ready for our big move, and of course, I go and lose the keys! Yep, can't find them. I usually misplace things, but hardly ever lose things-so I was nervous! Hark, we found them behind a box.
Then, trying to get ready to take Henry to his last story time at the library, I felt a bit chaotic, threw the stroller in, grabbed books to return, strapped H in, and reached for some chocolate. As I pull out of the driveway, I open one and it says just the thing I needed to hear,

Henry and made it to Babies and Books. We enjoyed our last time of singing, reading, signing and playing:

We got home and Pete was diligently working on the garage. As we came in the door, he told me that his e-mail from future boss stated that he will basically be hitting the ground running. Mildly freaking out, he opened a chocolate and his said,

Needless to say, the chocolate was good for our nerves and soul, if only they were good for our bellies too.
Side note: the wrappers exemplify pete and i's personality to a t. mine-a little ripped and crinkly. pete's-smooth and in a perfect square. ha.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thank You Hope

Six years ago, exactly, we had just moved to Texas and decided to maybe start looking for a church. To be quite honest, we basically were looking for a building to go to every Sunday. Six years later, looking back, we found our home in Texas.
Our first Sunday, visiting Hope, we went in thinking maybe we could slide in unnoticed and then talk on the way back to our apartment to see if it was a place we liked. Well, we stuck out, sitting smack in the middle of the youth section. We clearly might as well been wearing a big sign that said "visitors." Everyone was so stinking nice that to be honest, that ended our church hunt.
I know that a lot of people, especially people that have grown up in the church can be skeptical of "church." But I have to say that since being at Hope, I learned about giving to others more than I have in my life and really the question about what we can get out of church is far from my mind. This church was our family while being miles away from our own. Church is much more than a Sunday ritual, singing, and preaching. We met people there that became like Jesus to us.
When Henry was born, we were hooked up with meals from our small group for weeks! Each night as we sat down to indulge, it was like we were given a reward meal on "Survivor". I remember every evening saying to Pete, "This is the best meal I have ever had."
When Heidi passed away in April, our friends took Henry for the day. Two of our friends/pastors came to the funeral all the way up in MN. The day we found out the news at least three couples from our small groups stopped by with hugs. Upon return, we came home to a clean house -where some of my girlfriends had cleaned our whole house-and another had stocked our fridge! You know they are nice people when they didn't even mind the dishes in the sink, or even a bra hanging on a doorknob. We again, were provided with meals where people we hardly knew contributed.
I know it seems like I am listing a bunch of things that were done for us, but we truly, have realized that the church is about community and people and I know as we move back to MN we will miss our TX family here.
On a side note of sorts, today was our last day of church at Hope Fellowship. A guest missionary from Dallas Metro ministries shared and we laughed cause the first time he shared while we were there, I thought his name was ironically Dallas Metro. We got to worship once more with our friends and Henry was grinning ear to ear when we picked him up from the nursery. Hope, thanks for being soooo good to our famiy. AND!! if you live in northdallas, you better get on over there and check it out.

Friday, July 23, 2010

In a Years Time

I still just can't get over the fact that soooo much happens in the first year of one's life. The best advice I got about being a mom is that I was chosen to be this baby's mom, no one else, so don't be too hard on yourself AND each step is just a phase, so instead of getting overwhelmed-enjoy each moment.
a year ago:

just yesterday:

H loves my keys. He napped with them twice, clutched in his hand, the first day I let him play with them.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Details Please

In our recent news of adventure in moving, I've been asked by many to "give details." To make a long story a bit longer, six years ago almost exactly, we moved down to Texas for Pete to enter into seminary and I got a third grade teaching position.
On our way back from the north for Christmas, we both just kinda felt like we were not supposed to continue the house hunt (we were looking for another house in the fall). We weren't exactly sure what our next step would be. Maybe rent? Maybe move?
In April, Pete's sister passed away and that kinda jump started us to where we are now. We've kinda always thought we would want to raise our kids near family, and with Heidi death, I think our longing to be "home" was that much greater.
Pete put out some feelers for some jobs, at the same time the house was put on the market, and we just began to trust for the next step. By the way, we were very okay with staying here too, if nothing surfaced. In the last week-week and a half, Pete has been offered a job, so here we go! New adventures. :)
I always tell people that if we can't be in MN, we are in the best place possible. We love our church, jobs, friends, and our life here. This will be a treasured chapter for us - with lasting relationships made.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Anniversary Day-Number 7 for us!

It feels like yesterday that we got married, but I am realizing that we aren't getting any younger! I mean, for crying out loud, Pete had earrings back then. 7 years of my life I have been married to my bestest friend. I am blessed.
And since our day was before the digital age, here are a few scans.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

going to the zoo zoo zoo!

It all started when my alarm went off at 5:45 and I thought, nah, I don't need a shower. Waking again at 6, I gathered my things, woke Henry (of course he was sleeping on a day when I needed him awake), and we headed to the Alexander household to get our zoo on. Meeting there were the Martin 3 (Penny, Cade, and Ty). The car was a zoo itself of four fun kids and three moms:
Happy Boys

We got to the zoo after waiting in some other over-zealous-mom-traffic and were excited to head towards the elphants.
Pit Stop- a.k.a. mom potty break:

The first animals we saw were penguins. We are not too sweaty yet. Unfortunatley, for Henry, he thought I had taken him to a cool swimming pool that he couldn't get in:

Next stop, Savannah Land, were we could see some pretty cool elephants, giraffes, and zebras!
Penny and her sweet son, Cade:


Jeanette and her cutie, Luke:

At this point we had seen the pigs, horses, penguins, giraffes, elephants -to name a few- But, pretzels held more interest than any creature could:

We wanted to go today despite the crazy hot weather, the skipping of morning naps for three boys, and traffic because the adventure was calling us and at least we would have some stories to prove it.
The ride home was just that - memorable. In a nutshell, Ty fell asleep in the matter of minutes. Cade was happy as ever. Henry and Luke were loving life and then it slowly digressed. Luke grabbed Henry's hand, Henry flung a firetruck at Luke and well, the pictures speak for themselves. It was probably my favorite exhibit all day. Hilarious.

As we came full circle to the Alexander household, I put Henry back into the car where we began our day. He happily ate some lunch for the ride home and his nap this afternoon was proof that he had a great day!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

13 is not an unlucky number

You know you are not from Texas, when you wake up see rain and clouds and think-on a July 4th weekend-"yes! it is going to be an awesome day!" In the midst of our glorious dreary morning, Pete making coffee, Henry reading, me taking it all in, I mentioned that I haven't taken as many pictures lately. Pete suggested the traditional "month" shot of Henry being 13 months. Can't believe he is a toddler-not a baby!
Therefore the next pictures are about thirteen. Thirteen months and Henry is walking like a pro - typically with a random object in one hand, getting a silly sense of humor, cuddles with books in bed and could do without blankets, stuffed animals, etc., and loves water!
A look back in time:

13 months-this morning-about to get his reading on:

Last weekend, on a typical hot Texas summer day!
at the neighborhood pool,

in our yard,