Tuesday, August 24, 2010

almost 15 months

I cannot believe that Henry is almost 15 months. I forget that he is not a baby anymore and fits more in the category for toddler. When my sister in law told me that a water park that we were thinking of going to was free for "under 1" I got excited, and then minutes later remembered that was already 3 months ago!!!

Anyways, here's what the H has been up to lately:
*loves to walk, run and be on the move
*really chatters with his hand as if making a very important point
*signs, please (which also triples as "yes" and "right now!"), bye, dog, and thank you
*is in a stage where he'll say something and we'll say, did he say ketchup?! when really his vocabulary includes mom (as a swear word, mamamamamam), dada, yeah, and papa.
*really concentrates on projects-like putting dominoes in a box or bucket.
*loves marching around and clapping to music. his favorite songs of the moment that he has me play over and over are "little bunny foo foo" and "praise him, praise him, all you little children." i have deduced that he likes the staccato type music from the picks of those two.
*blows kisses (even to the poster of a cat at the family dollar)
*a friend asked me if he had a blanket or stuffed animal that he is attached to, and i laughed to think that henry's love is a little plastic "little people" sheep. day or night that thing is with him.
*oh my goodness, and how could i forget. henry is obsessed with lights. he says an "uh" which i believe means "on" and points to lamps and lights for the viewing pleasure of seeing them turn on and off.

Henry is a joy. Each day I think he cannot get anymore fun. I am blessed to be a mom and a mom of this boy. :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Great to Be Together

We had a great day today-perfect weather!
My mom in her 50th high school reunion float:

first Popsicle:

Papa and my sister, Janelle (who wasn't going to be there too long):

the fam-great to be together :):

Henry meeting a fireman:

My niece, Jessica and myself:

Getting a better view of the parade:

Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh Life...

Well, I must say this has not been the easiest spring/summer. In fact yesterday, I was downright sad. But I have had a couple encouragements since then that I must share.
Yep, Dove Chocolate is at it again. Pete and I have had a few trials since being here in MN without going into a lot of details. There are certainly moments where we are like, "For realz. We should have just stayed in Texas." Left over chocolate found me yesterday. It was a find a dollar in your coat type of moment cause I thought I had finished up that stash a week ago. Anyways, I crumpled the wrapper-threw it away-and then realized maybe I should have read it -and dug it back out. In my defense, this process was not cutting into a huge social calendar. Stated on the ripped wrapper, pieced together was, "Keep moving forward. Don't Look back." Simple, but those six words helped me regain some sort of focus yesterday.
Oswald Chambers is one of my favorite devotional authors. I actually left mine at Pete's parent's house, but my mom lent me hers. I felt like I was copying the whole entire thing into my journal this morning, but a few snippets from it really made me regain focus that we are not alone in this. This is a season. This is a chapter of our lives. We will look back on this as a memory that stretched us (hopefully :). Some of the snippets were this. "Our trust is in God up to a certain point, then we go back to the elementary panic prayers of those who do not know God. We get to our wit's end. Showing that we have not the slightest confidence in Him and His government of the world." (okay-i admit i have had a few elementary panic prayers in the last week-so this was a good reminder) and then it goes on like this, "And what a pang will go through us when we suddenly realize that we might have produced downright joy in the heart of Jesus by remaining absolutely confident in Him, no matter what was ahead." Oh Chambers, thank you for making me realize that I need to stop freaking out and believe that we will get through this.
Anyways, I am feeling more hopeful today. Can't wait to share some good news in upcoming posts, until then I will be trying to graduate elementary school in my prayers.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

where to even begin

Well, we have lived in Minnesota for not even a week now. Can't even believe it-not going to lie, it feels like we are really just here visiting for the now.

Just want to say thank you to our Texas friends for making the last six years of our life so memorable. It was very sad to leave, and I guess for that I thank you. Texas was our home and we have everlasting relationships and memories from being there. It will always be special to us because of it being Henry's first home and how he was surrounded by people that loved him there.

This post is going to be a ridiculous smorgasbord (MN word for big potluck) because I have not had internet for a week.

Putting Henry to bed his last night in "Henry's house." Really sad to leave his first dwelling place and all of our friends in Texas:

At my parent's place. Not going to lie, we are loving the outsideness of MN. I think we spend 78.2 percent of our awake time out in it.

The cats are right at home:

More outside:

Couple of the many perks of Mn as follows-time with grandparents and running into a close friend! Linda and I took Henry to Como zoo for my day and a half in the city and I got to run into a close friend, Katie, there with her mom and son. So fun!