Saturday, August 7, 2010

where to even begin

Well, we have lived in Minnesota for not even a week now. Can't even believe it-not going to lie, it feels like we are really just here visiting for the now.

Just want to say thank you to our Texas friends for making the last six years of our life so memorable. It was very sad to leave, and I guess for that I thank you. Texas was our home and we have everlasting relationships and memories from being there. It will always be special to us because of it being Henry's first home and how he was surrounded by people that loved him there.

This post is going to be a ridiculous smorgasbord (MN word for big potluck) because I have not had internet for a week.

Putting Henry to bed his last night in "Henry's house." Really sad to leave his first dwelling place and all of our friends in Texas:

At my parent's place. Not going to lie, we are loving the outsideness of MN. I think we spend 78.2 percent of our awake time out in it.

The cats are right at home:

More outside:

Couple of the many perks of Mn as follows-time with grandparents and running into a close friend! Linda and I took Henry to Como zoo for my day and a half in the city and I got to run into a close friend, Katie, there with her mom and son. So fun!


Sarah Berkey said...

We will miss you guys! Your sweet spirit and easy smile makes me wish our paths had crossed more. We'll pray you settle in quickly. God Bless you and keep you.

Alyson said...

So glad to hear that you guys are doing so well! We miss you guys a bunch here, but honestly, I'm a little bit jealous of you being in a place where you can be outside and not just die of the heat! Or so it looks in your pics! Hope you are able to start feeling like it is home again soon! Love you!!

Amanda said...

Yes - Sam would LOVE another friend named Henry! :) Where are you living now? We're in Roseville.