Sunday, October 24, 2010

comfort level

So, after moving back up after living in TX for 6 years, we are slowing settling in. One example is setting up Henry's crib two nights ago. As the pieces started coming together, you could see Henry's eyes lighting up and he kept hugging our legs in anticipation. The last two and a half months or so, he has been residing in a pack and play with no complaints. He is a tall guy, so he always sorta looked like he was making due sleeping in an "L" shape.

Well, here is some evidence of the reunion. I am not sure if you can see, I tried taking a picture of him sleeping last night through the video monitor. But if you look close (head to the left/feet to the right/arms over his head), he is in spread eagle position, sleeping like a rock. :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

for the love

Henry "made" this page last Sunday. Of course, I wonder how much he really remembers about it or if his teacher just slapped the stickers on for him with his name as a parental keepsake. But just this morning, Henry pointed to it. I got it down (yep, I totally am going to hang everything of his I can on the fridge). He pointed to the animals a couple of times and then he did the sweetest thing. He gave each, the elephant and giraffe, two kisses. God loves the animals and so does Henry.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

16 months

16 months, Henry is! Time sure does fly with this little guy. I remember last summer my mom saying, "This time next year, he'll be all over the place" And of course, I thought, yeah right, how could that be? But now I know. When we picked Henry up from the nursery on Sunday, the nice lady said, "He's very happy. And very busy." :)

Henry is in such a fun stage right now, that I wanted to make sure I wrote a couple things so I don't forget! He's really into two things right now: animals and lining things up.

Another thing he does these days is kinda latch onto one or two objects and they travel with us throughout the day. For example, cat and dog puzzle piece are swinging with he and our friend, The Calvins' daughter.

We were reminded by our friends, The Fanchi's, this week what a perfect gift each moment of life is. They got to meet and hold their sweet baby boy for fifteen minutes this week until he went to be with the Lord. I am just astounded by their strength and willingness to be so real about it all. For me, it has made me cherish Henry so much-even the teething days.

Other 16 month milestones for Henry:
says Buddy (our cat's name)
signs fish
doesn't really walk much, he runs