Thursday, November 25, 2010

thanksgiving 2010

Not gonna lie- I was kinda dreading today. Been a little teary all week leading up to it. Quiet moments, we miss sweet Heidi, and this is the first holiday without her so I assumed the silence would be amplified.
But, this day came and we are home again-Henry in bed- and I reflect and think, what a great, peaceful day.

Some of my favorite Thanksgiving Day highlights - Top 10:
10: Catching some of the Thanksgiving Parade on tv and seeing Henry's eyes light up at the big balloons.
9: Going to Pete's grandparent's place for a wonderful meal. You get to circle what you want on the little menus. love it. Henry's favorite - the cranberries.

8: Pete's grandma telling me that you have to give up things like bread at her age. In her words, "You've got to give up some things, to keep what you got."
7: Isaiah, Henry and Seth, running laps around the table, working off their meal, while us adults let it go straight to our thighs.
6: Henry sharing his polar bear, cow, and mary Little People with Josephine. He really loves his little cousin.

5: Feeling like you belong when Pete's grandpa introduced us to a lady and said, "and over there is two Jolenes and a Pete."
4: Coming back to a warm place so my boys could nap and I could catch a little hgtv on hulu.
3: Henry lighting up when we say we are going to Grandma and Papa Johns house. "We get to see them again, Henry!" I love that he knows them. He really knows them.
2: Henry giving Josephine 100 hugs and trying to sit in her lap.
1: Being together, sharing what we are thankful for and even though it is hard, having hope in the Lord that we still can have great holidays.

Monday, November 15, 2010

first snow of the season! :)

Daddy and Henry looking at all the white stuff we woke up to! :)

Out to play!

Henry really just wanted to lay in it and eat the snow.

So, finally we went in and ate some snow:)

Oh! and my new hat from Pete for my birthday. :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

17 months!

Seventeen months! Crazy. We'll actually he's prob. about 17 1/2 months. Just wanted to record a few things, cause here one day, gone the next and it's the little things I want to remember!

Things h is up to:
signs fish, star, frog, dog, please, thank you, blows kisses, all done and that's all i can think of right now.
says mama, dada, papa, buddy, cup, up, bear, ball, and lots of words that he is convinced have meaning.
loves animals, puzzles, running, music, shape sorters, pointing, and blueberries.
just started liking slides, doing a cheesy smile, not being afraid of airplanes and the dishwasher, pulling Buddy's tail, kissing pictures of kids and animals in books.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

nutshells are fallish?

Well, I do this sometimes, get backlogged on events, pictures and memories! But, I figure I could pretend I planned it since it is fall, and I am trying to put our fall in a nutshell. Nutshells seem fallish to me - So, yes, pretend I planned it.
In early October, we went to the apple orchard for my motherinlaw's birthday!

Then, the following weekend, Papa Johnson posed for a great pumpkin picture with grandkids!

The next weekend, we erickson 3 had a low key weekend that involved a lot of outsideness and playing!

This past weekend, it was my birthday. Pete even got me a cookie cake. :)

Then, we headed to my brother's house for a little Halloween/bday celebration. So much fun to be back by family.