Wednesday, December 28, 2011

christmas-pete's side

Christmas-Part 1-Pete's Side

Gma taking it all in. The other Jolene really concentrating. For those of you who don't know, people that are really cool have the name Jolene-take me and my sister in law, for example.

sporting maternity wear a wee bit sooner this go around. due end of June/early July.

h digging his new book from uncle joel and aunt jolene
sweet new ride from gma and papa john

pete doing some wrestling

and cutting the cheese (i had to).

reading time with papa john

a wonderful lunch with great grandpa

before christmas was over we realized we didn't take any family shots. here is our half tired and worn out attempt.

So much to be thankful for this Christmas. Merry Christmas to you!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

christmas is a lot of fun with a 2 year old

it is so fun to have a 2 year old around for Christmas this year. i love seeing things through his eyes. a few of my favorite tid bits:

*h,almost asleep in the car, so i am hustling home and "Holly Jolly Christmas" comes on the radio. He perks up and says, "i love this song!"
*when h asked what Christmas stockings were and I showed him ours, he said, "no, lions stalking. lions." at that point i went with it-unable to grasp how to explain a homophone/homonym or whatever that is to him.
*went to see a drive through light display. the last one was a snowman waving. not sure if this scared him or intrigued him cause he just kept saying, "snowman waving bye bye." and was the first thing he said to me when i got him up the next morning. "snow man waving bye bye."

so much to be thankful for this Christmas. Merry Christmas to you from us! :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

heidi's birthday-27 years young

Dear Heidi,
It's your birthday today. I've got to admit that most of my missing you feelings seem as though they lie a little dormant and then moments like this -thinking of your birthday-getting choked up, makes me realize that those feelings haven't changed. We miss you an incredible amount and quite honestly, it still hasn't sunk in yet that you are not here living life with us.

Today we celebrate you, Heidi Marie. We remember what a special sister, aunt, and friend you were. You were an incredible listener, had amazing integrity, could be quite silly and probably one of the most loving and faithful people I will ever know. You touched more people's life in your 25 years than many of us will in our whole lifetime.

There are some hard truths that I know and hurt to think of. I long for you to see what Henry is up to. You were always faithful at checking in on him. I long to have very import debriefing sessions post bachelor episodes-new season coming up -and most of all I really miss how intentional you were about knowing us on a deep and personal level.

But I do know that today you are celebrating your second birthday in heaven. For that I am hopeful. Happy 27th Birthday and can't wait til we can celebrate together again.
Love, Jolene

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

fall fun and trick or treating!

We are pretty bad at emptying our memory card on our camera. So, here are a few pictures from the fall:

at this particular park, henry calls this horse a "zebra." -definitely has a favoring towards wild animals.

the whale is a whale.

little puppy.

to my surprise, h loved every aspect of trick or treating (once he got beyond that people weren't inviting us in to play). we did have to tell him to let people shut their own doors. he had the system down to a science. and shutting their doors was part of his system.

yep, those are really cool pumpkin earrings. (can't take the teacher out of a girl...)

i had to put this picture in cause he pretty much cracks me up. pete brought home a bunch of balloons for my birthday which h has taken a liking too. enough that it came to lunch with him. in this picture he is saying, "i have a balloon ear." ha. :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

what a fun and funny day:)

hooray for days when you can't wait to write stuff down so you don't forget. :) today was one of those days. It started off this morning with a bunch of one liners from Henry who is very careful before he talks cause he wants it to sound just right, but these things were just to precious to not write down:
"A male polar bear is called a polar bear."
"These raspberries are really juicy."

then, we went to the underwater world (sealife) at mall of america with two of my college roomates-one who currently lives in germany-so a real treat to see her! What a fun time. :) i had never been there before, but recommend, especially if you have a toddler who digs

we then visited dad at work-which we have never done and henry loved hamming for his coworkers and loved the "special room" which really was a video shooting (there is probably a way more techy name for this..) room that had a jar of suckers.

following, henry and i took pretty momentous naps.

after that, i had a chill and like a grandma, put on a cardagin. i told henry that i was feeling cold. he told me:
"i feel kinda hot, like a campfire." bahaha.

the evening felt long-in a good way-playing in the living room with puzzles and wrestling and then henry working at his play kitchen (wearing my old starbucks apron) and i working in my kitchen. why i write this? because long attention spans are something to write down cause they don't come too often. :)

i tucked h in bed and he said, "had a good time at sealife."
and thus my day. written down, so i don't forget. :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

mr. caleb

What a fun weekend with our friend Caleb (from Texas). This is our friend's second MN debut -the last being Janurary- and we are lucky to have him as a friend-always so much fun. He even put up with our colds and coughs. There's something about a friend who loves your kid too. He always is so kind to Henry and Henry thinks he is pretty cool too.

A little bean bag game:

Pete saying he has "bags under his eyes." pretty tough guys: the guys:
caleb brought this toy for henry. what a hit:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

pink eye can be cute

Poor little H man has pink eye and a bad cold. I took him to the doctor yesterday and he was very brave til she started wanting to see in those ears or come at him with a metal thing to listen to him? In his mind, he was telling her loud and clear that he was having no part in this check up-so she better listen. When all said and done with a series of "All done, No Thank You, and Go see Nana and Papas!" (I need to find a doctor that is not the same route to my parent's), Henry was offered either a little yellow plastic lizard or a red one from the doctor-which he told her "no thank you" to her face, but when she stepped out he told me, "the red one."
Now, here is when my heart melted. On the drive home, I asked Henry what he might name his new lizard. He said without a beat, "Thomas." I was surprised that he actually had a response and it was a nice name.
Long story short, we ended up stopping at my parent's where Nana reunited H with a long lost elephant left a time or two ago. So, on the way home, I asked what the elephant's name was. Henry replied, "Helper."
By the time the evening was done, he was on a naming kick. We now have:
Thomas the Lizard
Helper the Elephant
Jars the Giraffe
Chewy the Mandrill
One Ear the Zebra
Two Ears the Lion and
Four Ears the Ram
Oh Pink eye, without you we would not have these new naming stories. So for that, I say thank you-but don't come back.

Friday, September 9, 2011


So, since Pete and I have been married, we've had one vacation. We went to Mexico on our five year anniversary and then spent our other vacation time (living in Texas) visiting family in Minnesota. So, for Pete to have a week off, and not have to go anywhere-well, we were just in heaven. It has been absolutely what we needed.

We spent one day in Duluth/Lake Superior a.k.a, most perfect day ever:

Starting off with some caribou (cause mom and dad both had caffiene withdrawel headaches...oh boy.) Meanwhile, Henry enjoyed the juice.

Perfect place to throw a rocks in the water:

Mr. I only run wherever I go, heading to the lighthouse

My two favorite boys (although pete would want me to clarify that he is a man.)

yay family time

Last stop, icecream

the mark of a successful day-on the way home

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

useful or not

Being a stay at home mom, I feel like I can honestly say that sometimes you just wonder if you are doing all you are called to do. I know for me, in the now, I wouldn't trade my job of raising H (henry not the other h) for anything. But, reading something like this-confirms for me that I shoudn't worry about my usefulness. I've been reading utmost for years and I feel like it doesn't matter how many times, it always has a new word. Today's totally hit home. Loved it. Read it.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

what h has been up to

Henry, being two, is old hat now. He's 27 months old today!! It is crazy to think of it being the end of August and thinking about some of his recent antics and what he's been up to:
Some of my favorite things I've watched him do this summer include:
*progressing from crawling across bridges at playgrounds to now running across them or jumping on their middles, shouting, "kangaroo!"
*from sliding down stairs backwards, he now insists on going down on his feet, holding on to railings, "by self."
*he proclaims things are best friends like this chicken and pear that were needed to remain out after clean up. in h's words, "chicken and pear, best friends."

*he has moved to a big boy bed this summer and loves the space. he sprawls out and sleeps peacefully.
*henry has now realized he can open the fridge (oh dear..) and was so proud that he told pete the whole story, "opened the door and found milk!!"
*although h has a strong fondness of animals, he is really into trucks/cars, balls and play food these days.
I am slightly embarrassed at how few pictures we have taken this summer. Yikes. More to come....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

some days don't always go as planned

Last Friday, Henry and I were going to have a morning at home after a busy week. However, on a whim, I decided we'd go to the Y for a mere 45 minutes or so. Little did I know, that this would mark the second time a boy that I love would soon to get stiches. Pete-in 2000-right before we started dating...again...for the long haul, and last Friday-2011-little Henry met his match with the Y playkitchen.

Things I am thankful for from that day:
*e.r. rooms with tvs that play PBS
*nice nurses with suckers
*technology like glue instead of sewn stitches
*dad's nice boss who let him come see us
*papa's job was a couple blocks away so he came before Pete got there
*Henry's reflection of the day at the Y-"got an owie, nice teachers." (even though when i arrived to the kids area, he was screaming at them-with blood running everywhere-"NO THANK YOU!!" as they tried to clean him up.)

So, there you have it. You can see that the rest of the day progressed as normal. H playing, and I just thankful for a healthy boy.

Friday, August 5, 2011

august to august

Holy Smokes, we have lived in MN for a year now. In many ways this has been the longest year ever, in some good ways and in some hard ways. Here are some of the things that have happened in this last August to August:
*we said goodbye to our wonderful friends whom we considered as close as family.
*we said goodbye to our first house (sonic and donut palace) and Henry's first house and, well his homeland. Did we really have a baby born in Texas? so crazy...
*we lived with family-pete with his parents and me up north.
*we buried our sister, Heidi - still can't believe she is gone
*pete has had two jobs - currently loving the one he has
*we rented a house from some really generous family friends
*we then closed on our house in December
*we've reconnected with wonderful friends and made some new ones
*we found a small group from church that we love
*we celebrated henry's 2nd birthday (which is crazy to think that he basically was a baby last aug and now a full fledged toddler.)
*we celebrated 8 years of marriage, marking this aug to aug run our longest married in MN
For being a couple that doesn't love transistions but is okay with change, I must say having this past year behind us feels good. I think we are finally hitting our stride and enjoying our life in MN. Most of all in our story, I feel like we have learned that this life is not our own and I know that we have grown together as a couple and are stronger having had the Aug to Aug that we have had. If you knew us before, thank you for being patient with us, in this year of adjustment and transitions and if you just met us and still want to be friends...well, bless you. ha.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Visits from Friends

Last week (and the week before) we were so grateful to have some of our dear Texas friends visit! Henry too, was excited to have the company, especially his little buddy, Luke, whom was his friend when we lived there.
Playing outside together:

luke planking

water about to get splashed upon one another

a little make up hug

boys getting ready for a night out


girls ready for a night in (which must be said we immediately changed into sweats after this picture...
to of course watch the bachelor and eat some ice cream
these two don't know the fun they missed - breakfast the next morning...
and let's not forget baby anna (or baby nana as h calls her)
more hugs
catching a little curious george
brother and sister
a look back
the first time h and l met

before we knew they were rascals :)
had to put this one again to compare
Thank you, Krewsons and Alexanders for taking time out of your trip to come see us. We sure love you guys!