Sunday, January 16, 2011

weekend away!

Back in November, Pete and I had our first "get away" leaving Henry with my parents as we traveled to Notre Dame to see one of my oldest friends get married.
This is us on the road! We stopped at a really cute coffee shop.We stayed overnight, at a good midpoint, with my highschool friend, Brie, and her hubby, Bryan and cute little guy, Stellan. So fun to see them-we miss them very much!:This wedding was really special to me. Kelly and I grew up in the same neighborhood in Tennessee. We had countless sleepovers and played hours of My Little Ponies. I feel blessed to be able to say to someone, "remember when..." when we were just little ones.We've kept touch over the years and she was able to travel up to MN for Pete and I's wedding back in '03!Here we are in '10!
So, what an honor to get to go see her tie the knot too! (My picture is blurry, but you can still tell how beautiful she looked!)The reception was at the College Football Hall of Fame:

So fun to have old friends. We have an old picture of us girls on a big rock when we were little (can't find it :(, but here we are as adults! This is Abbie and Becky, some of my other neighborhood friends. They were like sisters to me cause I lived with them for a little bit! It was a little reunion.

Kelly's parents, kinda like my second parents growing up:Pete was pleased with the favor - a frisbee! What a wonderful weekend away with the love of my life:The only bummer of the weekend was my speeding ticket on our way home.
I hope that Henry has friends like this that he can grow up and see them get married but still remember when they were little eating spaghettios and drinking chocolate milk.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

coming out of a fog

I just have to say that I feel so blessed in the last week. I think since moving to MN we've been a little overwhelmed and in a huge state of transition. This week I feel like we are real excited about our life! When we look back to the "first semester" of our time here, it kinda seems like a fog. But, the fog is clearing and we are excited about that. Just thought I'd share cause to us it's a big deal. :) Have a great Saturday!

Monday, January 10, 2011

who needs reindeer when there are zebras

Well, I have been behind on posts, but who's counting anyway. Pete, that's who. He said this morning I should make another post. Been so busy here between moving, shoveling, shoveling, and holidays! :)
christmas eve. h (really dad) opening present from mom and dad.

It's a new zebra! H loves loves loves zebras. Everywhere we go he finds them. In fact, in a recent trip to the YMCA I heard the nursery worker tell him when I came to pick him up, "Okay, we need to leave the zebra here."

hugs for the zebra

trying to ride the zebra

christmas day at papa john and grandma's house. see even santa knows that h likes zebras.

unfortunately, we didn't take too many pictures! we are slacking! This was stocking time-our favorite! It was especially special this year. We all put something in Heidi's stocking that she would like or made us think of her. I put a ribbon from the diaper cake she made for my baby shower. I also wore the sweater she got me last Christmas in honor of her. I actually wear it almost everyday cause it is so comfy. We missed her this year.

Here are some highlights from our stockings. Good lotion and tabasco sauce. :)

and I cannot document the johnson side cause I forgot my camera! Hope all your holidays were merry and bright and dim. Sometimes dim lights are nice, be honest.