Tuesday, February 22, 2011

in retrospect

I have had a hilarious "one of those" mornings. Although, I can only say hilarious in retrospect because I think during I was about to die! First of all, I loaded all my things on the belt and the Target lady said, "Hmmm...more than ten things, I see." Mortified, I apologized 100 times over because I was on autopilot and did not notice that I had become "one of those people" that entered the express lane unauthorized. As the line backed up behind me, I began to sweat and could not wait for the moment where I was out of there, safe in my car.

Then, Henry and I stopped at the UPS store to mail two packages. Between me dropping them TWICE, Henry crying, and setting off my car alarm TWICE, I looked like a mess! Luckily some nice man, helped me carry my packages in and told me he dug out the button on his keys so his alarm wouldn't do that in the future. "Oh dear, just get me home!" was all I could think.

However, the moments passed, Henry and I started talking about Curious George and he made some really clever monkey sounds and we made it home.

Now looking back, after all that sweat and anguish, I can say I am lucky that that was an unusual morning, and kinda funny when I think about it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

20 months

Last night, we got to celebrate our sweet niece's 1 year birthday, which made me realize that Henry is getting closer to 2 than he is 1! Here's a little catch up as to what our little man is up to:
We are pretty terrible about making sure our camera has room on it. I usually go to take the perfect picture only for my camera to tease me and say "memory card full." So, I will share the couple I have taken since Christmas.
Races from his room, in the morning, to begin a day of play. Henry really enjoys animals, containers, balls and cars. While getting ready to watch a video, Henry goes to his blocks and always pulls out the flamingo one to sit with him during the show. Each time, no joke. You can kinda see it to the left. Henry enjoys bob the builder. Although we have one dvd that he watches over and over and I won't be upset when he tires of it. Anyway, here he is, in his bob hat (aka mixing bowl), and also he was having a late night conversation with him on his phone (aka george forman grill catch).
A favorite story of mine lately is Henry pointing to the house behind us (that is getting new insulation and siding) and saying over and over, "papa." There were no workers there at the time, but there had been the day before. I guess he associates my dad with being a worker outside. So cute.
Well, back to wall paper removal. I am letting the spray removal gunk dry, but it should be done. Thanks to Grandma and Papa John for watching Henry so I can scrape this stuff off! :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

a message and a text

The other morning I was checking my "routine." Facebook, gmail, weather.com. I noticed I had a message in my facebook account. I have to say, one little message changed my whole day. It was from a girl that I went to youth group with (in MN we end our sentences with with-for you southerners just add another noun after and you will be fine). I didn't know her super well; she was a tad bit younger than me. But you know what? That didn't stop her from writing an encouraging note about Heidi and how she was thinking about us. Floored me-was so nice.

Which made me also think about how I got a text from a friend a couple weeks ago from a friend that I don't really see anymore. Hold it, take the word really out. I don't see anymore. She lives far away and we are never in the same place at the same time. Anyway it was a short text about how a song reminded her of our road trip/camping days. Brightened my whole day that she would still think of me or have things that reminded her of me.

Anyways, it made me think of the kind of person I would like to be, more thoughtful, more compassionate, more active on those impulses to do small things for others. Because whatever caused the impulses of the two gals above totally changed my days for the better. I want to be more like them.