Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I've got a new notebook, but I have turned into someone who also thinks it is just easier to type. I certainly would not call myself a writer. I'm really not often dedicated. But, I think I need to write. I'm not always chatty nor super articulate, but there are times when I feel as though I might burst if I don't unleash some of my thoughts in writing.

My mom used to say -no, never mind, she still says, that her 3 children are quite different as I am sure all siblings have a fair share of differences. Anyways, my mom would say that if she needed information from her three children, she would talk to my older sister on the phone, my brother in person, and that she would need to get it from me in writing.

So, to not write seems as though maybe part of me is not living. And I want to live, so I better write.

I also feel as though I need to write because we are embarking on the year anniversary of the death of my sister in law, Heidi, and a heck of a lot of change/transitions in our own life, so I need to write as to remember, yet move forward.

I am real good at just living my life and not thinking or reflecting. In fact, as I write this, tears well in my eyes, perhaps emotions that are usually easier kept dormant (but hark they are still there). So, for me this blog has mostly been a way to somehow babybook our son, but in some ways it is more. It is a way for me to heal.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a few of our favorite things

Recently, we've had a couple of stories for the books that I need to record so I don't forget!! :) One of my more recent favorites, involves Pete and Henry getting ready to go to an indoor play park. Pete, still in his sweats told Henry, "I'm going to go get dressed so we can go." Note, Henry was already dressed. Henry, wanting to be like his daddy, ran to his room, opened the only drawer at his level (the pj drawer) and slung some red footie pajamas around his neck as if he was getting dressed too. He ran up and down the hall with a cape of red on him all proud that he too was getting dressed.

Then, two nights ago I whisked off to the YMCA leaving Pete on bath duty. What I didn't know was I would miss out on a "first." Pete had turned on the water for the tub, but realized he left H's towel in his room. From H's room, Pete heard a loud, "mmmmmMMMmmmm!" As he reentered the bathroom, he caught Henry dipping his penguin puzzle piece into the toilet and licking it. Ew! Not sure what was more traumatic, Henry drinking potty water or Pete taking the penguin away to get clean.
The penguin who went for a dip and the elephant who was spared:

A favorite thing of mine is how selfless my hubby is. This is him after a long morning of shoveling and getting ready for work!
I must note for those we told, Mary and Busdriver have been found, so shew, life can go on. You see, this fall I bought a schoolbus from a thrift store that contained the Busdriver (which i have come to find out is really a police officer, but how do we change his name now??), two kids, and Mary. Mary and the busdriver go everywhere together, hence they were missing for weeks. But, they've been found and have picked up right where they left off, in Henry's list of favorites:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

why i like 21 months

As I sat with Henry at lunch today and he said "no" in a very sweet voice when I asked him if he was having a good day, I had to giggle and think, "man, this is a funny age!" I know the sweetness may wear off, but when you ask him a question and he says no for everything, it makes me laugh at how even such a little soul can share some independence in a small way.

It made me think of other reasons why I love this age and am enjoying him so much. 21 months is a funny age for eating. Never in my craziest day would I set down a cookie and ask for more apple sauce or sandwhich. Perhaps this is Peter's genes?
the cookie, left uneaten:

I love that he trusts me. From jumping off chairs into my arms to trying his cookie again when I tell him that cookies probably taste better than rocks, he believes me.
the cookie revisited:
He is a funny boy. Can he stay 21 months forever?! Of course, 22 months will probably become my new favorite in a short while.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

cookin' up something normal

Yea! H is over the pneumonia hump. Whoo hoo. Glad to have my silly, happy boy back. :)

Helping mom do some baking!