Sunday, May 29, 2011

two years old

Henry turned the big two last Saturday!! We had a wonderful time with amazing family.
preparty fun with balloons
i am pretty blessed to have this family special guy, pete and his dedicated twin's fan, grandpa: opening presents with dad:
why open more, when you like the first one? so dad opened the rest the grill master
brother and niece (she was really into this book ) is she cute or what?
so glad it turned out to be a nice day! grabbing a bite with uncle
henry loves animals (wild/zoo ones) so we went with that

Thursday, May 5, 2011

last time i will prob. count months!

23 months!! almost 3! that is what henry says when you ask him, "how old are you going to be?" he says, "free (three)."
so, what h has been up to. basically anything to do with animals! here we are at the free little st. paul zoo. he spent a lot of time running, yes running, inbetween the two zebra/giraffe buildings. kissing the giraffe glass:can't leave any animal out:
loves going to the park! and we are learning lessons that the park doesn't belong to us. :)

dad loves the park too. although he is a bit older than 23 months:

fake smiling the whole way to the water!:it's very manly to throw sticks into the water:hooray for almost being 2!