Thursday, June 23, 2011

24 month favorites

Yes, twos come with a little more drama, but overall, I am loving watching Henry grow, change and explore! A few recent favs so I don't forget:
*loves to say animal names and sounds. when pete and i say rhino, he corrects us by saying, no ra-saur-as
*loves to hug our kitties and say "hi buddy" "hi moose"
*likes to tease us by saying things like, "sea lion" when we ask who is coming over.
*although sandals were vetoed thus far this season, crocs have made the cut
*loves to eat fruit. just now at lunch "more black berries please!"
*loves to go to the park
*loves to give hugs
*loves to play with his friends
*likes to finish words to songs (didn't know he'd been listening all this time!!:)
*def. has an opinion and is silly. that's an iguana. henry, "no, a snake." that's butter. "no, cheese."
this was this morning. giving his animals a bath and haming for the camera

not a lot upstairs, so we sometimes play up here:

hamming it up for another picture:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

my heart is full

I knew I was lucky to have you, Pete, as a friend, then boyfriend, then husband. But for you to be the dad in our son's life truly makes my heart full. You are so sweet to him. Happy Father's Day to you! We love you so much!

(our friend Kyle took this precious picture when we were trying to get Henry to play in the sprinkler.)