Friday, July 29, 2011

Visits from Friends

Last week (and the week before) we were so grateful to have some of our dear Texas friends visit! Henry too, was excited to have the company, especially his little buddy, Luke, whom was his friend when we lived there.
Playing outside together:

luke planking

water about to get splashed upon one another

a little make up hug

boys getting ready for a night out


girls ready for a night in (which must be said we immediately changed into sweats after this picture...
to of course watch the bachelor and eat some ice cream
these two don't know the fun they missed - breakfast the next morning...
and let's not forget baby anna (or baby nana as h calls her)
more hugs
catching a little curious george
brother and sister
a look back
the first time h and l met

before we knew they were rascals :)
had to put this one again to compare
Thank you, Krewsons and Alexanders for taking time out of your trip to come see us. We sure love you guys!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

some of my favorite "mols" names

I love Henry's 2 year old pronunciation of these animals (mols). :)
fee-mo-go = flamingo
eem-bra = zebra
rah-saurus = rhinoceros
wah-saurus = walrus
pay-gint = penguin
i-ont = lion
snake = iguana
kay-mol = camel
two animals i didn't even know about before henry = mandrill and okapi, but he knows.
some summer fun!