Tuesday, August 30, 2011

useful or not

Being a stay at home mom, I feel like I can honestly say that sometimes you just wonder if you are doing all you are called to do. I know for me, in the now, I wouldn't trade my job of raising H (henry not the other h) for anything. But, reading something like this-confirms for me that I shoudn't worry about my usefulness. I've been reading utmost for years and I feel like it doesn't matter how many times, it always has a new word. Today's totally hit home. Loved it. Read it. http://utmost.org/

Sunday, August 28, 2011

what h has been up to

Henry, being two, is old hat now. He's 27 months old today!! It is crazy to think of it being the end of August and thinking about some of his recent antics and what he's been up to:
Some of my favorite things I've watched him do this summer include:
*progressing from crawling across bridges at playgrounds to now running across them or jumping on their middles, shouting, "kangaroo!"
*from sliding down stairs backwards, he now insists on going down on his feet, holding on to railings, "by self."
*he proclaims things are best friends like this chicken and pear that were needed to remain out after clean up. in h's words, "chicken and pear, best friends."

*he has moved to a big boy bed this summer and loves the space. he sprawls out and sleeps peacefully.
*henry has now realized he can open the fridge (oh dear..) and was so proud that he told pete the whole story, "opened the door and found milk!!"
*although h has a strong fondness of animals, he is really into trucks/cars, balls and play food these days.
I am slightly embarrassed at how few pictures we have taken this summer. Yikes. More to come....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

some days don't always go as planned

Last Friday, Henry and I were going to have a morning at home after a busy week. However, on a whim, I decided we'd go to the Y for a mere 45 minutes or so. Little did I know, that this would mark the second time a boy that I love would soon to get stiches. Pete-in 2000-right before we started dating...again...for the long haul, and last Friday-2011-little Henry met his match with the Y playkitchen.

Things I am thankful for from that day:
*e.r. rooms with tvs that play PBS
*nice nurses with suckers
*technology like glue instead of sewn stitches
*dad's nice boss who let him come see us
*papa's job was a couple blocks away so he came before Pete got there
*Henry's reflection of the day at the Y-"got an owie, nice teachers." (even though when i arrived to the kids area, he was screaming at them-with blood running everywhere-"NO THANK YOU!!" as they tried to clean him up.)

So, there you have it. You can see that the rest of the day progressed as normal. H playing, and I just thankful for a healthy boy.

Friday, August 5, 2011

august to august

Holy Smokes, we have lived in MN for a year now. In many ways this has been the longest year ever, in some good ways and in some hard ways. Here are some of the things that have happened in this last August to August:
*we said goodbye to our wonderful friends whom we considered as close as family.
*we said goodbye to our first house (sonic and donut palace) and Henry's first house and, well his homeland. Did we really have a baby born in Texas? so crazy...
*we lived with family-pete with his parents and me up north.
*we buried our sister, Heidi - still can't believe she is gone
*pete has had two jobs - currently loving the one he has
*we rented a house from some really generous family friends
*we then closed on our house in December
*we've reconnected with wonderful friends and made some new ones
*we found a small group from church that we love
*we celebrated henry's 2nd birthday (which is crazy to think that he basically was a baby last aug and now a full fledged toddler.)
*we celebrated 8 years of marriage, marking this aug to aug run our longest married in MN
For being a couple that doesn't love transistions but is okay with change, I must say having this past year behind us feels good. I think we are finally hitting our stride and enjoying our life in MN. Most of all in our story, I feel like we have learned that this life is not our own and I know that we have grown together as a couple and are stronger having had the Aug to Aug that we have had. If you knew us before, thank you for being patient with us, in this year of adjustment and transitions and if you just met us and still want to be friends...well, bless you. ha.