Monday, September 26, 2011

mr. caleb

What a fun weekend with our friend Caleb (from Texas). This is our friend's second MN debut -the last being Janurary- and we are lucky to have him as a friend-always so much fun. He even put up with our colds and coughs. There's something about a friend who loves your kid too. He always is so kind to Henry and Henry thinks he is pretty cool too.

A little bean bag game:

Pete saying he has "bags under his eyes." pretty tough guys: the guys:
caleb brought this toy for henry. what a hit:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

pink eye can be cute

Poor little H man has pink eye and a bad cold. I took him to the doctor yesterday and he was very brave til she started wanting to see in those ears or come at him with a metal thing to listen to him? In his mind, he was telling her loud and clear that he was having no part in this check up-so she better listen. When all said and done with a series of "All done, No Thank You, and Go see Nana and Papas!" (I need to find a doctor that is not the same route to my parent's), Henry was offered either a little yellow plastic lizard or a red one from the doctor-which he told her "no thank you" to her face, but when she stepped out he told me, "the red one."
Now, here is when my heart melted. On the drive home, I asked Henry what he might name his new lizard. He said without a beat, "Thomas." I was surprised that he actually had a response and it was a nice name.
Long story short, we ended up stopping at my parent's where Nana reunited H with a long lost elephant left a time or two ago. So, on the way home, I asked what the elephant's name was. Henry replied, "Helper."
By the time the evening was done, he was on a naming kick. We now have:
Thomas the Lizard
Helper the Elephant
Jars the Giraffe
Chewy the Mandrill
One Ear the Zebra
Two Ears the Lion and
Four Ears the Ram
Oh Pink eye, without you we would not have these new naming stories. So for that, I say thank you-but don't come back.

Friday, September 9, 2011


So, since Pete and I have been married, we've had one vacation. We went to Mexico on our five year anniversary and then spent our other vacation time (living in Texas) visiting family in Minnesota. So, for Pete to have a week off, and not have to go anywhere-well, we were just in heaven. It has been absolutely what we needed.

We spent one day in Duluth/Lake Superior a.k.a, most perfect day ever:

Starting off with some caribou (cause mom and dad both had caffiene withdrawel headaches...oh boy.) Meanwhile, Henry enjoyed the juice.

Perfect place to throw a rocks in the water:

Mr. I only run wherever I go, heading to the lighthouse

My two favorite boys (although pete would want me to clarify that he is a man.)

yay family time

Last stop, icecream

the mark of a successful day-on the way home