Tuesday, October 18, 2011

what a fun and funny day:)

hooray for days when you can't wait to write stuff down so you don't forget. :) today was one of those days. It started off this morning with a bunch of one liners from Henry who is very careful before he talks cause he wants it to sound just right, but these things were just to precious to not write down:
"A male polar bear is called a polar bear."
"These raspberries are really juicy."

then, we went to the underwater world (sealife) at mall of america with two of my college roomates-one who currently lives in germany-so a real treat to see her! What a fun time. :) i had never been there before, but recommend, especially if you have a toddler who digs animals.of.any.kind.but.prefers.wild.over.farm.

we then visited dad at work-which we have never done and henry loved hamming for his coworkers and loved the "special room" which really was a video shooting (there is probably a way more techy name for this..) room that had a jar of suckers.

following, henry and i took pretty momentous naps.

after that, i had a chill and like a grandma, put on a cardagin. i told henry that i was feeling cold. he told me:
"i feel kinda hot, like a campfire." bahaha.

the evening felt long-in a good way-playing in the living room with puzzles and wrestling and then henry working at his play kitchen (wearing my old starbucks apron) and i working in my kitchen. why i write this? because long attention spans are something to write down cause they don't come too often. :)

i tucked h in bed and he said, "had a good time at sealife."
and thus my day. written down, so i don't forget. :)