Wednesday, November 2, 2011

fall fun and trick or treating!

We are pretty bad at emptying our memory card on our camera. So, here are a few pictures from the fall:

at this particular park, henry calls this horse a "zebra." -definitely has a favoring towards wild animals.

the whale is a whale.

little puppy.

to my surprise, h loved every aspect of trick or treating (once he got beyond that people weren't inviting us in to play). we did have to tell him to let people shut their own doors. he had the system down to a science. and shutting their doors was part of his system.

yep, those are really cool pumpkin earrings. (can't take the teacher out of a girl...)

i had to put this picture in cause he pretty much cracks me up. pete brought home a bunch of balloons for my birthday which h has taken a liking too. enough that it came to lunch with him. in this picture he is saying, "i have a balloon ear." ha. :)