Wednesday, December 14, 2011

heidi's birthday-27 years young

Dear Heidi,
It's your birthday today. I've got to admit that most of my missing you feelings seem as though they lie a little dormant and then moments like this -thinking of your birthday-getting choked up, makes me realize that those feelings haven't changed. We miss you an incredible amount and quite honestly, it still hasn't sunk in yet that you are not here living life with us.

Today we celebrate you, Heidi Marie. We remember what a special sister, aunt, and friend you were. You were an incredible listener, had amazing integrity, could be quite silly and probably one of the most loving and faithful people I will ever know. You touched more people's life in your 25 years than many of us will in our whole lifetime.

There are some hard truths that I know and hurt to think of. I long for you to see what Henry is up to. You were always faithful at checking in on him. I long to have very import debriefing sessions post bachelor episodes-new season coming up -and most of all I really miss how intentional you were about knowing us on a deep and personal level.

But I do know that today you are celebrating your second birthday in heaven. For that I am hopeful. Happy 27th Birthday and can't wait til we can celebrate together again.
Love, Jolene


Alyson said...

Happy birthday Heidi!! You will never be forgotten by any of us who were connected to you through your loving family!

Praying for God to wrap His comforting arms around you all in a big hug! Straight from Heidi in heaven!! Love you guys!!

AllyJoy said...

This is a really special post. I can almost imagine how wonderful of a person Heidi is from your words, and also from knowing you and Pete. Prayers for you all today as you miss her so much.

Kristen Prosser said...

hi Jolene, this is really random but I just recently saw your comment on my blog! then I found yours and enjoyed reading about our dear Heidi. We miss her constantly and miss her being apart of all these life moments. She was an incredible girl, huh? :) She talked all the time about you guys and your boy.. she was a proud aunt! thanks for being a great sister to her! - Kristen Prosser