Thursday, May 10, 2012

last month of being 2!

I cannot believe this is Henry's last month of being two! As he is getting bigger, older, wiser, and funnier, there are many times, Pete and I say - we've got to write that down. So, here I sit attempted to record a few that of course I never wrote down.
this morning-me, "Henry, are you going to paint a new picture at school today?" h, "nonsense, mommy. Painting hurts God's feelings."
the other day at dinner. pete, "Henry, you know the baby in your mom's tummy?..." H, "you mean in her uterus?"
after not seeing pete the day before, h woke up and gave a very solemn monologue:"I miss daddy, and Jesus took away our Christmas tree." (thinking pete and i are not doing the best job at teaching theology around here.)
Before this picture was taken, h exclaimed, "I have the best hiding spot!"
In all seriousness, h told me that: "we have never had a lion wearing sunglasses, watching a video, at our house before." -true fact. I am sure there are more, but of course I must start writing them down better. Have a good day!