Monday, September 10, 2012

birthday posts interuption

We interrupt this series of birthday posts to bring some news of a birth (and the fact that the other 3rd birthday pictures are still on pete's phone...) -------- It has been 2 months since sweet Aaron Matthew entered the world! I must write this down before I forget the details! June 27th, 2012 - 8 pm - ate a blizzard. probably not a smart move. June 28th, 2012 - 1:15am - what the heck- I cannot sleep! I am sooooooooo uncomfortable. shouldn't have eaten that blizzard. 3:30 am- um. pete? I think I might be having some contractions. 4:30 am- um. pete! Nighttime is over! You probably are not going to go to work today. 6:30 am- contractions are 5 minutes apart - phone call to pete's mom. 7:30 am- we head to the hospital. each bump in the road is definitely felt. get to the hospital. check in and i think-this is a piece of cake.I am dilated to a 5 and 85% effaced. labor? no problem. well, come to find out my labor had actually stopped until about 11:30 am when the nurse came in with a huge knitting needle to break my water. 11:30 am-suddenly labor intensified and i thought well, here we go! Henry was similar timing and was born at 1:30ish. drugs? nah. i've got this... 1:30 pm. are you kidding me? henry would have been born by now! Apparently Aaron was in a stuck like interesting position that was giving him some trouble getting down the canal. 3:30 pm. please! give me some drugs! too late?! you've got to be joking... 4:13 or 17, i am having trouble remembering... pm- Sweet little Aaron Matthew entered the world!
It is hard to believe he is two months already! We just love him to pieces!!