Friday, April 26, 2013

3 years

Hard to believe that our sweet Heidi passed away three years ago yesterday. Henry has been talking and asking about heaven a lot lately. Little ones are so intuitive, so we took the boys to the cemetery to remember Aunt Heidi. When we were leaving, I explained to Henry that he was just a bit older than Aaron when Heidi was taken from us. I said that she loved him very very much. Henry responded in a way that a precious little one would. He said, "Well, that is so sweet. When I get to heaven, I will thank Aunt Heidi for loving me."


Alyson Steiner said...

Can't believe it has been three years either. What precious moments you've had with your boys remembering Heidi! We will never forget either, and even though we didn't really know her, we think about her and you all often!! Love you!

Callie said...

I cannot believe that it has been three years. That just seems unbelievable to me. I am sure it is even more unbelievable to all of you as you feel her absence on a regular basis. That hole is gaping all of the time.

I love how sweet and tender Henry's heart is. It's so precious to see kids'simple view of life and death and heaven. Praying for you guys as you remember Heidi today and every day.

Callie Wahl Wayt

Elisabeth said...

What a tender, sweet kiddo! Praying for you this week. I hope as you remember Heidi and share stories with your boys there is joy, too. Love you!