Thursday, December 15, 2016


Its been awhile since I visited this spot. Especially in the early days, writing was such a refuge for the grief that we faced losing Heidi. Thinking of her passing is always hard and thoughts swirl and swirl. I saw our friend (and Heidi's) write that she is not forgotten on this day. Thank you Ruthie, so true! Her birthday is difficult, but it is also coupled, for us, with the magical time of year of Christmas. Although we miss her dearly, we take every moment we can to let the boys know about their special Aunt Heidi. Even little Caleb knows her by name. She would have really really loved her nephews and honestly thinking of being a mom with her is sometimes too much to think about. Anyway, before I digress further, I wanted to share a new tradition last night, with the fellas, in honor of her. Heidi was super artistic, so we made gingerbread houses in memory of her creativity. Pete maybe would have needed three more hours on his, but I reminded him we have littles...;). Such a special time remembering her and celebrating her life. Heaven is probably so much sweeter with her there, and we cannot wait for the day we see her again!  It's no coincidence that in our kid devotional this morning, it was about holding onto the hope of heaven. "Don't just wish for heaven - grab hold of the hope of heaven! Let its blessing fill your life today." -Jesus Calling for Kids -We miss you Heidi. Happy heavenly birthday.